Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nothing Beats A Jolly Old Crackdown

Just skim the following headlines and you’ll get my drift.

13 Jan. 2002 The Daily Telegraph
Musharraf announces crackdown on militants
PRESIDENT Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan last night announced a crackdown on Islamic extremist groups…

17 Nov 2003 BBC
Pakistan militants face crackdown
Islamic militant groups are to face fresh curbs on their activities, government officials in Pakistan say. A number of militant groups will be closed down in the "national interest" within the next 72 hours, according to a foreign ministry spokesman
29 Dec 2003 Christian Science Monitor
Pakistan toughens on militants
"Now lines are drawn between him and extremists. Musharraf is a commando and will get strength from these attacks. He will take bold steps and move harder against militants,"
3 Jul 2004 Rediff.Com
Musharraf orders crackdown on 30 terror groups

My search on Google was brief so I might have missed the odd crackdown or three.

Anyhow this morning the Commando-in-Chief announced yet another crackdown.

16 Jul 2005 CNN
Pakistan's president cracks down on extremists
LAHORE, Pakistan (CNN) -- Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, directed law enforcement agencies Friday to launch a nationwide campaign against banned extremist groups, targeting their
donations, weapons and the holding of meetings.

Make of it whatever you will…

PS: Funnily enough July’s Herald magazine reports that at least 13 major militant training camps have been reopened in the northern (Mansehra) region of Pakistan. According to the magazine, ”As training camps reopen, managers claim that trained militants as well as new aspirants are flocking to enlist for jihad and holy war.”


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