Saturday, October 08, 2005

A National Catastrophe

At around 8:52 am (Pakistan Standard Time) disaster struck Pakistan’s northern areas. A massive earthquake (currently estimated at 7.6 on the Richter scale) centred about 60 miles northeast of Islamabad in Pakistani-held Kashmir severely rocked surrounding areas and jolted cities as far as Multan, Kabul and Delhi.

Most of the roads in this mountainous northern area are blocked with landslides and right now it is impossible to estimate the enormity of the human loss. Early reports indicate that Muzafarabad, Mansehra and the Hazara areas have been badly devastated.
BBC has reported the heartbreaking death of 400 hundred schoolchildren in Mansehra district. In the capital Islamabad the collapse of a 10-storey apartment block has only added further horror to the calamity.

UAE, Turkey, UK and France have already sent plane loads of aid and specialist teams to assist Pakistan. At the same time George W. Bush has pledged the incredible sum of US$ 100,000. God bless the retard!

The only other sour note in this moment of national sorrow was caused by Musharraf’s spokesman, General Shaukat Sultan. The general appeared on Pakistan TV News to inform the nation that while thousands of civilians had perished in the earthquake he wished to let us know that some 200 army men had sadly been ‘martyred’ (shaheed) in the tragedy as well.

It might have been a Freudian slip but the general's words clearly suggest that while us humdrum civilians die ordinary deaths, Khaki-clads can only perish through martyrdom.

What utter drivel!


Tahir, Lahore said...

I was sleeping when the earthquack came. It shooke my bed so hard that I woke up. First thought that came in my mind was that there's some one under my bed but when i looked around every thing was moving then i realized that it's an earth quack. Still in bed, i prayed to Allah for his mercy and prayed that this earth quack pass away peacefully. I went to sleep again and after couple of hours around 11 AM my mother woke me and asked me to come upstairs as there were news from Islamabad. Oops my prayers for the earth quack to pass peacefully didn't work.

The earthquake came, it did it's job, destroyed houses, killed thousands of people. Earthquakes always do this kind of things But what did we do to help those burried alive in the destroyed buildings? Everybody was running here and there. No body knew exactly what should be done. People were trying to brake the concrete with the hammers. Our president was asking others to send help. to send equipment to find the people burried alive. I ask a question to this son of bitch, why do you spend billions of dollars on missiles and things like that but you don't spend few hundred thousand dollars to buy the equipment to use in such circumstances. why the hell you don't get our people trained by UK or USA. The bastards spend thousands of dollars on their luxary cars but the sons of bitches don't buy equipments and trained people. They kept waiting for hours for the experts to come from UK and Turkey. If we had experts at home and the proper equipment, it would have made a difference. But why would our president care about any thing else rather than sticking his ass more to the KURSI. Why would our Prime Minister, who I believe doesn't go to toilet without asking Pervaiz Musharraf, would care about anything. Fuck'em all. I'm so tired of their bullshits. Shujaat Hussain gave 1Karoor out of many karoors that he stole from govt. money.

Just fuck'em.

arvind sharma said...

i had posted a comment yesterday. but i cannot see it today. where it has vanished. can i know now.

arvind sharma said...

here is a funny puzzle for all of you to laugh in these tough times. what is the difference between sin and shame? It is a sin to put it in and a shame to take it out.