Monday, August 21, 2006

The Don on the Great Oaf

(Sorry to have been away for so long…it was due simply to work, work and more work!)

Like most cricket fans (and as a Pakistani) I was bitterly disappointed at the manner in which the 4th test at the Oval disintegrated into disastrous shambles.

Rather than engage in a personal denunciation of Darrell Hair I would much prefer to rely on what the commonly acknowledged greatest of cricketers once said about him.

It was during Sri Lanka's 1995-96 tour to Australia that Darrell Hair began the rather distasteful controversy over the bowling action of Sri Lankan Muttiah Muralitharan, whom Hair blatantly accused of ‘chucking’.

Notably on 26th December 1995 at the MCG Hair declared seven of Muralitharan's deliveries to be illegal 'no balls'.

Well this is what Hair’s countryman
Sir Donald Bradman had to say about Darrell Hair's talents as an umpire at the time of this contraversy.
“This was the worst example of umpiring that I have witnessed and against everything the game stands for”.
Bradman also added:
"I believe Hair's action - in one over - took the development of world cricket back by ten years."
One does not need much imagination to work out what the great Don would have said if he had lived to witness Hair’s gross ineptitude at the Oval the other day.


Beau Peep said...

Hair is not a moron. He is an Aussie saboteur planned and planted by Cricket Australia in ICC to make sure that a few things happen their way. I have explained why I think so here in my post.

Please let me know what do you think.

Varuag said...

Dude... I totally agree that such a decision without any supporting evidence has brought disrepute to cricket... and Hair mush be taken to task for this...

At the same time I am wondering what made the pakistan team to continue playing after the incident(without a murmer), and why was it only after tea that they decided not to play anymore...
Lets agree on one thing... pakistani players doodh ke dhule nahin hain... I think when the decision was given out by Hair, Inzi thaought that they were caught with pants down, and continued with the game... only at tea did they realise that there was no supporting evidence and thats why they made this show of protest...
wouldn't have had any such doubts if their reaction was a spontaneous one... which it clearly wasn't...

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