Monday, September 03, 2007

The General and his Uniformed ‘Traitor’

Your Blogger just came across this piece in today’s edition of the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail and thought it well worth sharing with his readers.

If anyone of you knows who the ‘traitor’ is, do kindly share the information with the rest of us.

By Graeme Smith
Globe and Mail, September 3, 2007

ISLAMABAD — It was only a whisper, but it was enough to put Pakistan's military ruler in a dangerously foul mood. At a recent dinner party, one of President Pervez Musharraf's senior officers leaned in close to him and muttered a few words. The general, who took control of Pakistan in a 1999 coup, has been hearing similar things for months, murmured in private or chanted in the streets: "Give up your command."

This single idea, the hope for a return to civilian leadership, has caught Pakistanis' imagination at the start of what promises to be a tumultuous election season.

Gen. Musharraf's reaction to the quiet aside from his trusted officer, however, shows how passionately he intends to defend his dual role as President and army chief, and helps to explain why observers are predicting turmoil in the coming months.

"Gentlemen," Gen. Musharraf said, raising his voice and hushing the room, according to a guest, "We have a traitor among us."

He grabbed the sleeve of the officer who had spoken to him and hoisted his arm up like a victorious boxer, identifying him to the gathering of military commanders.



Ahsan said...

man, WE rely on YOU for this type of information, not the other way around. maybe the friday times will have something on it next week in its such gup section.

Syed said...

Sorry onlooker, can't help to name the officer but can guess the wordings,
" Chacha wardi landa kune nain"

Onlooker said...


When it comes to individual Khakis, I must confess my knowledge is thankfully limited.

If and when I am able to discover the officer's name, I will make sure to post it here.

Anonymous said...

We want Heroes not Villains please...

Choice between Villains...

Is it our destiny that we can only
choose from a list of proven villains, each twice failed. Do we not deserve heroes? Or is it too much to expect? Perhaps. Where are the heroes? Who I consider as heroes is not the hero for others. There is only one undisputed hero and that is Mr. Jinnah. Every single leader after that is tainted one way or the other.

For me Ayub was a hero, probably he was the first Pakistani leader I heard about when growing up. I sort of liked him. But you talk to people they disagree. He is accused of derailing democracy and destroying the then existing institutions.

I even attended the funeral prayers of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. But no one agrees that he is a hero. He is accused of autocracy, arrogance, vendetta, lack of vision and above all integrity. For me his biggest blunder was nationalisation of industries that crippled the economy and stunted growth. He made many industries no more viable and Pakistan lost the world export market by overnight becoming uncompetitive. He is also blamed for dismembering the country into two.

Every thing that Zia did, I wonder if he did anything besides Umras, is over shadowed by his military credentials. It is a long story what he did and didn't.

However I can't recall any thing big he did on the domestic front in Pakistan. He may have had some successes on the international arena. His Kashmir policy was a failure so was Khalistan policy after initial successes. His crowning glory is the success achieved in ousting a super power in Afghanistan. But that did not help Pakistan but we fought a proxy war for another super power that has never been nor can ever be our reliable partner.

But the price we paid for America and Afghanistan is so great that for the next 50 years we are stuck with it. The Kalashnikov Culture. So Zia is most certainly ruled out also as a hero. I would have liked to call him a hero for his humility and his histrionic talents.

But one thing is clear in my mind and that is the regimes of Benazir, (now called moothorama by media) and Nawaz Sharif. My, what periods. Truely tumultuous for its incompetence and rampant corruption. They competed against each other in loot and plunder. If one was the patron of a 10%, later cent per cent, the other was a looter par excellence. Remember his "dollar bhijao and mulk bachao".

God alone knows where all that money went. The country went bankrupt in Nawaz's time and was about to be declared a default state. In moothorama's time her husband is on record as having said "things are good today, only 50 died." This is the state of our elected so called democratic leaders. Heroes? Where are they? Villains. Villains. Villains.

Don't we have a third choice? So far none, because whatever development Pervez Musharraf might have done is disregarded because he hails from the military. He is a very strong contender though from what he has achieved on the domestic front. An assembly completing it's full term is an achievement in itself. There has been development all over Pakistan even in remote towns and villages.

My driver who hails from a remote town in Punjab says they could never have imagined, roads and drainage there and he attributes that to the present people at helm and prays for Pervez Musharraf. People have benefited. The prosperity is visible. Mega projects have been completed in record time and the work goes on. If his policies reach there logical conclusion the country will benefit enormously. History will then judge if he was a hero.

There surely are the down sides like inflation that went uncontrolled. He did not introduce any measures to remove feudalism. He failed miserably to understand the Indian psyche in solving the Kashmir problem and did not even take advantage of 9/11 in solving the same issue. He did the dirty job that America should have done for itself. Why should we have been involved in problems which Arabs create for themselves by being inactive for past 100 years. Why should we pay for their follies when they do not even consider you as Muslims.

But what ever he may do he will never be accepted as a hero publicly although in heart of hearts of poor people he could possibly be a hero. So let us leave at that.

I have not the faintest idea how we could have a hero as a leader. I am clueless for the time being. Any clues? Please post on

Syed said...

I would prefer system and discipline over heroes, villains or 'saviors'.
If we do not learn fast we are bound to collapse like Sher Shah bridge.

Anonymous said...

you can find the traitor in this link:

Anonymous said...

A traitor or a patriot
We see the world through our glasses .It is clear that Musharraf and his pal America have strange glasses .

justajoke said...

One day our beloved president Mushi was traveling by his car for his
campaign to a village. Suddenly a puppy came before the car. The
driver couldn't hit the brake at the right time and unfortunately the baby dog was killed in the accident.

At the sight Mushi was deeply moved and felt very upset. He called the driver and said,"Jiska ye kutta hai mein usko compensation dena chahta hoon. Usko dhund ke lao".

At his words the driver went to the nearest village and came back after some time with a fine new suit on his body, garlands and Mala around his neck and lots of money in his hands!!!

Mushi was surprised. He asked,"Mein ne tumko kaha tha ke uss aadmi ko laiye aao, aur tum aise wapas aaye ho! Baat kya hai?"

At this the driver replied " I told them about the incident. Hearing it they were rejoiced, gave new suit and garlands on me, then danced for some time and gave this money."

Mushi then asked him "Tum ne unko exactly kya bola tha?"

The driver replied: "*Main bola, mein General Pervez Musharraf ka
driver hoon, maine kuttay ke bachhe ko mar dala hai.........."

Anonymous said...

The minnow who claims to be the Hawk at home has so far taken dictations from Richard Armitage, Condi Rice and most recently Richard Boucher. And he has the audacity to involve Saudis and Lebanese (who have legitimacy issues at home) in our internal affairs. That day is not too far away when East Timor would be meddling in our affairs.


So much for sab say pehlay Pakistan.

Samar Abbas Kazmi said...


I am a fan, I must say, of the Generals. Please visit my blog for a few good reasons.

Look forward to your comments,

Freedoctor said...

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