Thursday, November 15, 2007

Honouring Our Heroes

As fate would dictate, your Blogger happened to be away when Musharraf decided to inflict his constitutional illegality on the people of Pakistan.

Since my return I have been preoccupied with working with other citizens to defeat the state of oppression that has been placed upon us. Writing a Blog did not seem an adequate enough response to the changed world we suddenly find around us.

I began this Blog over thirty months ago with the sole aim of trying to convince people that the Musharraf regime was morally bankrupt and that its intentions were self-seeking and oppressive. Today it would be difficult to find any member of Pakistan’s civic society who would disagree with me. In other words The Glasshouse is now largely redundant.

Here is my list of modern Pakistani heroes:

Our Lawyers.
What a valiant and principled lot they have turned out to be. Bless them!An admiring US lawyer commented: They may be beaten and gassed, but they are representing the last line of defense against a dictatorial regime bent on suppressing the law.

In my personal roll of honour the following three lawyers have to be mentioned by name:
Aitzaz Ahsan
Muneer A Malik
Ali Ahmed Kurd

Members of the Press

Apart from the usual unmentionable rats that are found in every profession, most members of the press have resisted all attempts to become PR spokesmen for the regime. My personal favourites being:
Talat Hussain
Mushtaq Minhas
Nusrat Javed

The Judiciary
All judges of the senior judiciary who refused to take oath under the PCO are worthy of praise. They have ended a 50 year hiatus of subservience.

Imran Khan
Betrayed by a gang of student thugs bribed by the regime, he held his head high throughout. He once again proved to us what courage and leadership are all about.

We should all be proud of these people. There are others, of course, whom I have forgotten to mention. So, Readers, I would now encourage you to add to the list of our heroes in the comment's column. Let them get the praise they deserve for fighting for our rights in face of lathis, tear gas, imprisonment and physical brutality.

(And, yes, you are also welcome to compile a list of your favourite villains as well.)


There are currently tens of millions of Pakistanis who are currently unable to access news of ongoing events in Pakistan. To them I suggest a traditional alternative - BBC Urdu Service.

In view of the blanket media ban in Pakistan BBC has increased the time and frequency of its Urdu broadcasts. The live broadcasts are available at the following times:

6:30 am to 7:30 am (PST) on medium wave at 1413 kHz

12:30 to 1:00 pm (PST) on 6065, 7180, 11750 and 15510 kHz

3:00 to 4:00 pm (PST) on 5965, 7205, 9510 and 15160 kHz

5:30 to 6:00 pm (PST) on 6060, 7205, 9605 and 11690

8:00 pm to 9:00 am (PST) on medium wave at 1413 kHz

10:30 pm to 10:30 am (PST) on medium wave at 1413 kHz

And internet users can listen to all these broadcasts on


Readers, many thanks for your concern.

As you can see Onlooker is alive and well. Unfortunately, due to the abounding political chaos he has been too busy these past few days even to check on the blog. (Only today did I finally manage to read my readers’ responses. Please accept my sincere apologies).

With the technology available to intercept Al Qaeda’s electronic communications, your Blogger is pretty sure that the authorities might have some clue to his identity, but then perhaps, lucky for him, they are simply to busy countering the latest terrorist threat – our lawyers!

Anyhow Onlooker is off again this coming week to attend a meeting in the capital where it is anticipated there will the usual welcoming lathi and a charming dose of tear gas thrown in for good measure. The important thing is that the people of Pakistan seem to be winning the battle. Good luck to us all!


Anonymous said...

My overall impression of Musharraf is that he has Pakistan's best interests at heart. I cannot say the same for any of the other people holding public office except Imran Khan.

I wish Musharraf and Imran Khan had made a good team for Pakistan.

Musharraf has had to depend on very compromised individuals to make a "functional" government.

Musharraf was dealt a difficult set of cards and he has made many mistakes but his intentions seem good.

Other "leaders" would not have been able to handle the pressures Musharraf has.

A lot of protest to the emergency is from opportunists. Our poor country is rife with opportunists who have no honour or nobility.

The West is pushing BB down our throats because they are paranoid about our nuclear assets falling in the hands of rogue elements.

Nothing good can come out of morally bankrupt leaders.

Lets look for some decent, honourable, capable and exemplary people to support. People who have the good of every Pakistani at heart.

Anonymous said...

hey man,

good to hear from you. god bless people like you.

Faisal said...

Let's come out of the imaginary world of impressions; and let's take fact over fiction. After 8 years of all kinds of partenering with the corrupt, welcoming the very people against whom he made the whole case of "saving the nation from", butchering your own people (again for the same people), bringing up the robbers into friends circle, giving unimaginable power to the terrorist organizations like MQM to murder people as if kids blow balloons on their birthdays -- 12 May ---, burning to death of people in mosques, and using liberal/moderate pakistan slogan to cut off the basic human rights with 1000's missing persons, having the sickest of people in the law ministery, ousting anyone who disagrees with the king....
and still you talk of intentions, and impressions! That you read them to your liking. Excellent fictional skills.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your blog after so many days. Good luck and be safe! Your blog is not redundant at all as it gives a rare inside view of events with your personal angle.

It is indeed very heartening to see the lawyer community determined to say enough is enough.

But someday when you have time, could you possibly explain why this particular Musharraf episode in 2007 of issuing a PCO and dismissing judiciary which did not endorse Musharraf's rule was so irksome to the Pakistani lawyer community and not so much the exact same Musharraf strategy in 1999?

Is it that the military dictator has proved to be just as bad as the politician and moreover proving impossible to remove from office, thereby adding insult to injury?

Also, what is the common ground on which both pro-Musharraf and anti-Musharraf Pakistani can agree? Will merely removal of Musharraf make the flowers bloom and birds sing?

chaiwala said...

Good to have you back Onlooker. I hope you are not thinking of closing the blog, I think you should continue to comment on the changing situation.

As for honouring our heroes, I think Geo TV has played a useful role. The star has to be the CJ though who had the courage to say NO. Out of the whole political community it is only Imran Khan that has had the courage to call a spade a spade.

Faisal said...

No, since removal of Musharaf will not make make flowers bloom and birds sing, so just accept it. Live with it...right? What if he has been proved as bad or worse as people before, let it continue. Wait for the Messiha from the heavens...until all hell breaks loose on those who could raise their heads; women assaulted, madrassa students burnt, ordinary citizens beaten like cows and dogs. Who gave so much credibility to MQM in the recent years --- why? Who brought all these 'lota' back to assemblies. Who brings back BB, by pardoning her all sins? Let's pardon the sin of that very person. Who cares if he is so bad, since this is a nation of sukcers, let him suck the last drops! Why remove him, it won't make the birds sing or flowers bloom!

Anonymous said...

Pakistanis should remove Musharraf if that is what they want. As a nonPakistani I am curious what will change after he is removed? It is not clear what are the reforms in the system or the policies which Pakistanis want to put in place after his removal?

xpikon said...

Ok I am accepting ur sincere apologies coz I was too afraid abt u as u said in the post that ppl can intercept Alqaida's communication can also take over to you. Infact I was thinking that u would somewhere either in prison or underground. U may not post but plz manage time to reply on ur threats.

Count me on protesting against the Emergency. God bless you

Anonymous said...


Please keep us posted. Since we are abroad, your blog is an effective way to keep in touch with Pakistan

Saim said...

Phew, you had us worried onlooker.

Good to see you back.

AAS said...

Good to have you back ONLOOKER!

I am sure people are not going to like what i am about to say. I am in favor of getting rid of Mush. But if that means having NS and BB or any combination of other political corrupt forces(yes Mush is now just as bad as them after some time) back in power....i would rather have the status quo for the moment.

I know that military rule will not last...that the will of the people seems determined to have true democracy but if they put their support and trust into the same bloodsuckers...what is the point of this?????????????

I am hoping that Aitzaz Ahsan(my personal hero) will be chosen as prime minister or president...but that is a long shot.

The people can truly become masters of their destiny if they only choose honest and decent leadership......if this does not occur i will have forever given up on Pakistan.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back Onlooker:
for those who read your blog and are living in pkistan today AND YET HAVE THE GALL TO WANT MARTIAL LAW ...yes, it is martial law not emergency as the man likes to call it - I SAY WAKE UP!
Friends and acquaintances of ours who are packed in jail cells, ae being beaten and tortured and cannot get bail as they have been booked on terrorism charges - all for peacefully marching - life has never been as hard in pakistan since zia.
shame on all of you government pithoos and expats who are clueless.

Anonymous said...

This is a struggle between forces of oppression and forces of democracy.

Pakistan's military junta must be confronted wih a joint front of Pakistani civil society.

Please get over your criticism of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif. With all their faults they are better than the general occupying Pakistan and ruling it like a colonizing tyrant.

Any "good" he has done pales in front of the evil that is crushing the judiciary and suspending the constitution.

Any "bad" the democrats may have done is minor compared with the divisiveness caused by Pakistan's arrogant army --the orce that divided Pakistan once before.

The propaganda that US is trying to thrust BB down our throats is part of the Martial Law regime's divisive strategy. It is Musharraf who has devoured billion of dollars in US aid so how can his sympathizers even lift a finger against BB. At least she has sought international support for democracy, not dictatorship of a selfish commando general.

Amna Gilani said...

In the darker days of emergency, WWW has once again proved a beaconhouse for me. Not only can I remain uptodate with the news from disparate sites, but also can read articles and views on the blogs like this.

To contribute my little share to raise awareness, I would like to share a link, where if you want you could watch GEO New on web, even with an average bandwidth.


Patriot Expatriate said...

Do let us know if we the expatriates can in anyway help. Will be glad to lend a hand


Anonymous said...

Hi Onlooker,

Good to have you back. I was beginning to get concerned by your silence.

It is unfortunate that the perceived hope for democracy, particularly from the perspective of the West, is in the undeniably corrupt BB.

I confess that I have been impressed by the dignity and integrity Imran Khan has demonstrated. In case you have not heard, Jemima has been fighting for his cause here in the UK. She got some good coverage in the Times last week.

Let us hope that Musharraf has gone too far this time and is brought down to earth as a result.

Best wishes,

A Friend.

Anonymous said...

My Pakistani Heores:
Pakistani Lawyers
Hamid Mir
Dr. Shahid Masood
Aitzaz Ahsan
Cheif Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry

danyhasan said...

Despite the fact that I'm against dictatorship I do believe that his first three years were good.Corruption was being checked, and competent people were given ministries.Things started going bad since the lota league was brought into action.If he did things in good faith for Pakistan then why is it so that he refused to allow a judicial probe into the events of 12th May?Why was NAB stopped from conducting an inquiry into the sugar hoarding?Why did he issue NRO for a woman he always referred to as the biggest looter and said that she'll be never allowed to come back.I think Pakistanis have a weakness of blindly supporting or condemning a person without looking at his other points.

Anonymous said...

hamid mir? abbas ansari ? shahid masood?

emergingpak said...

Fazloo, Benzi and Mush having a common dishonest mentality.

emergingpak said...

Anonymous said...

hamid mir? abbas ansari ? shahid masood?

11:58 PM

Don't you mean Ansar Abbasi?

Anonymous said...

il advise people to watch Hamid Mir's Capital Talk titled Footpath available on many sites (including youtube) aired on the 24th of nov.
speaking of heores i would just like to say: Aik Bahadur aadami Hashmi Hashmi!!!

Anonymous said...

As onlooker has been caught by agencies(Just my guess), have a look here;

Shaan said...

Shoot me an e-mail sometime (anonymous e-mail address is fine). Would love to discuss some matters with you.

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peacebird said...

Glasshouse this is the 3rd time I am posting my comment but the internet keeps dying so I'll make it short.

I support your blog.
We (people) have to stand up for Pakistan.
Musharraf = failure + disappointment.

My blog

Anonymous said...

Are you pro-boycott or anti-boycott(of elections)?

Musharraf said...

You, all there!
I am God
God of all the sheep of Pakistan
(Latest 'constitutional' amendments)

Anonymous said...

Except Imran Khan all other are BhenChodsss

and the father of these mother-fuckers is Iftikhar Hussain and the mother is Itizaz Hassan


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Anonymous said...

bhai wre r u??? plz reply....we are waiting fore your posts.

Web Designer Group said...

Thank you for nominating such nice peoples, as our heros, who suffer from military and Loota League. They really did a lot for pakistan, pakistan people, free judiciary, free media. Now we've to unite for these peoples espically CJ.

Anonymous said...

Sir you really need to post something. Things have gone from bad to worse and still worsening. please keep us updated you'll have a lot to write upon when you return from where ever you are. Stay safe, Ma God Bless you sir,

Anonymous said...

Is the onlooker alive. I am very much worried about his well being. I hope he didn't get eliminated by mush.
Onlooker if you are alive please post. We are missing you.

adeel said...

Your posts being good, why have you left the writing, i am also writing for for more than 10 months i love to see ppls participating in these kind of social activities and try to transfer knowledge and speak with wisdom with goal to to be informed and let other to know about.

Anonymous said...

And after all that....we get one of the most corrupt individuals ASIF ALI ZARDARI calling the shots!!!!....well done...but again...i would give anything to see Moonis Elahi...AKA Manhoos Elahi and family outta our faces!....even zardari is better than those illiterate Gujrati thugs!

Anonymous said...

Where'd you go? We need some 'enlightened cynicism.'

Hamid Mir needs a makeover. Nusrat Javed has become a PPP jiyala.

Pervez Musharraf said...

Hey....u won today. YEAY!

Asif Zardari Bhutto said...

Where are you?

Zardari is becoming president!!


Anonymous said...












tangas usadas said...

Benazir Bhutto said...

Help us! Zardari is still president!!!

Shaista said...

As for honouring our heroes, I think Geo TV has played a useful role.

tariq1654 said...

I like Imran Khan for his talent.
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Anonymous said...

Fuck ZArdari harami

Anonymous said...

ZARDARI SHOULD BE KILLED BY A SUICIDE BOMBER. HE is the biggest enemy of Pakistan

fifi said...

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Zahid said...

I think Imran Khan is a person, who can lead Pakistan.
Bak to sab....

Pakistan Yellow Pages said...

Yes zahid i agree with you.
We need Imran Khan as president for broke enimes plan.

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Ahmen said...

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Ali said...

Thanks for this post, our new generation must be aware of their political heroes.

Send flowers to Pakistan

Rohan David said...

Dear Readers:

Here is a small effort to bring religious, cultural and ethnic harmony in Pakistan. Your support counts a lot to make a difference to our country.

Anonymous said...

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Whats in A name said...

this article is supporting a corupt judiciary.. supporting and declaring heroes one of the corrupt most

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All politicians are corrupt. Only Imran Khan is the best option at the moment
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