Thursday, June 30, 2005

'Extremely Stupid' & 'Bastards'

From declassified documents of 1970-71 released by the US State Department we learn, among other things, that President Nixon and Henry Kissenger believed that:

"The Pakistanis are straightforward and sometimes extremely stupid" and "The Indians are bastards" and "more devious".

Well, thirty plus years later things have certainly changed.

Yes, recent Pakistani governments (Benazir, Nawaz Sharif and Musharraf) have all proved, at the best of times, to be "extremely stupid", but the word "straightforward” is clearly is out of date.

Instead "deception" is now the order of the day – Okara Farm, Gwadar, Mukhtaran Mai, etc ad nauseum - you want me to go on?

As for the Indian leadership being 'bastards' and 'more devious', I would rather leave that for Indian citizens to decide - after all isn't that what democracy is all about?


Rezwan said...

We really don’t care what language Nixon and Kissinger used to discuss Indians or Pakistanis in private. We care far more about the 500,000 to 3 million who died, and the 6 million to 12 million who were made refugees. These were not accidental deaths. This was an intentional mass slaughter of civilians by the Pakistani government, coupled with a campaign of ethnic cleansing. In Bangladesh, We call this genocide.

And Nixon & Kissinger let this happen knowing the truth.

"Kill three million of them," said President Yahya Khan, "and the rest will eat out of our hands." (Robert Payne, Massacre [1972], p. 50.)

Well the history turned out to be something different.

Onlooker said...

You are right about it being a genocide.
It's a pity Bangladesh never went to the Hague and brought a charge of war crimes against Yahya and the other generals, who were directly involved in the mass killings of what were then their own citizens and whose lives they had sworn to defend.

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