Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pakistan Election maxim: Make the Police get your Votes for you.

While there has been a shrill crescendo of accusations made by opposition politicians about rigging in the local government elections, alarm bells really start to clang when government allies like former president Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari make similar charges .

While Farooq Leghari is a Musharraf-supporter and member of Muslim League (Chumcha Group), his son
Awais, Federal Information Technology Minister, has charged that “technical rigging” was resorted to for the success of the Dareshak group in the Rajanpur district of Punjab. According to him, police used the code name of “Baba Sain” for the victory for Dareshak’s panel. ‘Baba Sain’ is apparently one Nasrullah Dareshak, a loyalist of Chaudhries Pervez Ellahi and Shujaat Hussain.

Therefore the truism of the day belongs to one politician who fittingly said that he could could “defeat anybody anywhere if he were given the district police officer of his choice.”


Interestingly the rifts created within the Pakistan Muslim League (Chumcha) leadership by these elections, only go to suggest that
the PML is nothing more than a group of individuals protecting their own political interests.