Thursday, August 11, 2005

Spilling Extremely Explosive Beans

Grumpy with the Musharraf regime, religious supremo and parliamentary leader of the opposition Maulana Fazlur Rehman has lashed out by accusing the regime of covertly assisting militants enter Afghanistan through Waziristan.

According to the
Daily Times Fazlur Rehman recently stated the following:

The Pakistani government is deceiving the US and the West by helping militants freely enter Afghanistan from Waziristan

The government should give the identity of the infiltrators and its (government’s) motives for helping them enter Afghanistan. “They must also give the nation the identities of the men being moved from Waziristan to militant camps in Mansehra. This is hypocrisy. The rulers are not only trying to deceive the US and the West, but also hoodwinking the entire nation,” he added.

“We ask the rulers to reveal the identity of the people being transported to Afghanistan from Waziristan via Kaali Sarak in private vehicles, reveal who is supervising their trouble-free entry into Afghanistan and reasons for their infiltration,” he said.

The government would have to decide whether it wanted to support jihadis or close down their camps, he said, adding, “We will have to openly tell the world whether we want to support jihadis or crack down on them. We can’t afford to be hypocritical anymore,” he said.
If pressured he would reveal facts that would open a Pandora’s box.

I doubt if we will get much more out of the old Maulana. These disclosures are the proverbial gunshot across the bow – in other words he is saying to Musharraf “lay off or I will reveal all”. Undoubtedly not wishing to be further exposed the regime will beat a quick retreat.

One can only begin to guess at the secrets that remain hidden from the public eye. But the damage has been done as these allegations are extremely explosive and ought to cause serious discomfiture to the regime.


Gedroshian said...

These were supposed to be secrets???

Onlooker said...

Dear Gedroshian,
Yes they were to most of us. If you know more, pray tell!

Gedroshian said...

i think the only revelation from Fazl the bearded and the mighty, that you might had pointed toward as a secret, was the issue of
"the regime covertly assisting militants enter Afghanistan through Waziristan".

Well, Afghans have been saying it, Americans have been saying it, most sensible pakistanis have been saying it, and now the opposition leader says it. I will be damned if i consider anything that comes out of fazl's mouth as the 'truth'.

ISI resurrecting open secret perhaps???

Onlooker said...

Gedroshian, you are right!

The Afghans have been saying it, the Americans have been saying it, and most intelligent Pakistanis have been suspecting it. It is just that when an establishment-loving Beard come out with it, well, it is a bit mind blowing.

It just help convince us that shit does fly. And yes it is flying these days...

Gedroshian said...

Hi Onlooker,

you might want to read this.