Friday, May 26, 2006

Musharraf's New Uniform?

Last June the man took it upon himself to ban a woman from leaving Pakistan and this month he personally banned the future entry of an inebriated actor into Pakistan.

Okay as we say in Urdu there is ‘zameen aur asaman ka faraq’ between Mukhtaran Mai and a drunk-has-been movie actor from India, but the question remains: what does this have to do with our rigged-referendum-imposed General in command?

On the face of it absolutely nothing; unless of course, general Musharraf has opted to don the uniform of an immigration official as well.

Does that mean that the next time we venture overseas we might spot him at the airport checking and stamping people’s passports as well.


Anonymous said...

Was there something incorrect in what Feroz Khan said?

Onlooker said...

I don't think it was what he said that annoyed everyone, it was how he delivered it.

Any obnoxiously drunk man hurling vulgar and abusive language at people around him (and loudly at that using a microphone) would be an unsavory sight anywhere in the world.

Shahryar said...

excerpt from
Pak bars actor Feroz Khan

Khan was in Lahore last month as part of the official delegation to release his brother Akbar Khan’s Taj Mahal.

"India is a secular country," he was quoted by a Pakistani daily as saying. "Muslims there are making a lot of progress. Our President is a Muslim, the PM a Sikh. Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, but look how Muslims are killing each other.

"I have not come here on my own," he added. "I was invited to come. Our films are so powerful that your government could not stop them for long." A member from the Indian delegation who was present at the event confirmed to TOI that Khan had said this in front of an audience numbering about a thousand people. The actor also got into a scuffle at the same function with local compere Fakr Alam regarding a remark the latter made about Manisha Koirala. In another speech, he reportedly abused US President George Bush in public.

Onlooker said...


Like most of us I wasn't present at the function at Lahore. I have only read news reports.


Here is one:

Feroz Khan entered into a brawl with young Fakhar-e-Alam who was hosting the function held in connection with the release of Indian movie ‘Taj Mahal.’

Feroz Khan, who was drunk while responding to a question by Fakhar as to how he feels to be in Pakistan, went completely off track and started uttering derogatory words about Pakistan. “India is a great country, we have Muslim President, and Sikh Prime Minister”, he said adding, “you made Pakistan in the name of Islam and now everyday Muslim is killing Muslim in Pakistan. Feroz Khan did not stop even here and went on to say that terrorism and fundamentalism had started from the day of Batwara (partition) when thousands of Sikhs and Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims.

At this point Fakhar lost his patience and tried to take mike from him. Drunk Feroz refused to hand over mike back to Fakhar. Sensing the sensitivity of the issue and the foul mouthing by Feroz, Fakhar asked the cameras to move from him and also silenced the mike. With this Feroz got infuriated and started using vulgar language. Fakhar kept his cool and moved on with the show.

After finishing interviews, Fakhar went back on the stage and while concluding said “I am proud Pakistani, I love Pakistan, Pakistan is a great country, we are Muslims and our culture and religion teach us that even if our guest says some unpleasant words, we ignore and forget with a large heart”.

The moment Fakhar-e-Alam said these words over 1200 guests who were otherwise in state of shock and anger over Feroz’s remarks stood up and clapped for 10 minutes.

This once again made Feroz more annoyed and he started abusing Fakhar and tried to assault the Pakistani artist. The security people had to remove highly intoxicated Feroz to the back stage where he did not stop abusing Pakistan and Pakistani people. He broke plates and went out of the premises calling names.

Matter just did end here. Later Feroz again tried to attack Fakhar in the lobby of the hotel. The incident drew huge media attention both in Pakistan and India.

I believe in freedom of speech and to me anyone saying "you made Pakistan in the name of Islam and now everyday Muslim is killing Muslim in Pakistan" is a fair personal comment. Sadly in Pakistan Muslims are indeed insanely killing other Muslims.

It's the rest of his behavior which is questionable.

Shahryar said...

Thanks for clarifying that.

Sreekumar said...


This is a nice blog and great to see some non-pakistani govt view of things in Pakistan. I have always heard that the media in Pakistan is very free and critical of the government.

The incident is indeed unfortunate. And there is no doubt that Feroze khan did not respect the rules of hospitality. But it does throw up the underlying tensions between our two countries and the similarity too.
Another reason that people of the country hate the other might be because we are so similar and perhaps we have an inferiority complex and it is just like a masochist hating his own image.

nice blog

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