Sunday, March 11, 2007

Musharraf Keeps to His 7 Point Pledge

Remember Musharraf’s famous seven point pledged commitment to the nation in 1999.

Well here is an update (and amazingly it appears that he has kept to his word).

1. Rebuild National confidence and morale
My secret agencies have ensured that I continue to retain high morale and remain nationally confident of staying in power for long as I want (just like my idol General Hosni Mubarik of Egypt).

2. Strengthen Federation, remove Inter-Provincial disharmony and restore National cohesion
I am planning to cleanse Balochistan of all troublesome Baloch as an example to all others what real national cohesion is all about.

3. Devolution of power to the grass root level
After getting rid of some of the old political ‘grass’ I manured the left over grass (weeds and all) to whom I devolved just enough power to enable them make money for themselves, rig referendums and elections in my favour, and nothing else.

4. Revive Economy and restore Investor Confidence
Nothing like a few property and share market deals to keep the ‘true’ investors happy. As the poor have no money to invest unfortunately I have had little choice but to let them wallow in their misery.

5. Ensure law and order and dispense speedy justice
Any one who has opposed me has received swift and speedy justice. Remember Akbar Bugti?

6. Depoliticize State institutions
Why, just the other day I depoliticised the Chief Justice by placing him under house arrest.

7. Ensure swift and across the board accountability
I’ve kept my word on this. All those who are corrupt and stupid enough to oppose me are in either jail, Dubai or London.


libertarian said...

Onlooker: this jackass who calls himself a president cannot quite help himself. Absolute power has corrupted absolutely. His angst with the Balochis is breath-taking (Bugti, Chaudhary, Jamali, first Baloch corps commander).

I hope you're right that 2007 will see his back. And if it doesn't please do consider becoming an Indian citizen. We'd love to have you and your smart friends. The nut-jobs we don't need - we've got plenty of our own :-)

Patriot Expatriate said...

You gotta hand it to Mushi. Though everyday less and less number of population wonders whats going on in the country and are becoming indifferent with rising prices and deteriorating law and order situation, timing it with world cup will ensure that lesser number of people pay attention to it.

Hope he recieves a gift of mango crates soon.

Anonymous said...

Just as the artificial nation-states of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia split up due to internal stresses, so shall Pakistan!

Onlooker said...

Listen gentleman while I am a strong advocate of free speech and an ardent democrat, I also happen to be a Pakistani.
I do not wish to see my country split into pieces. If God forbid it does happen then it will destabalise the entire region and India will suffer greatly as a consequence of this 'blowback'.

libertarian said...

onlooker: I appreciate the freedom to comment on your blog and don't mean to abuse that privilege.

It takes some intestinal fortitude to do what you're doing in the prevailing environment. More power to you. And as I said earlier, I hope you're right about 2007.

INI said...

Listen gentleman while I am a strong advocate of free speech and an ardent democrat, I also happen to be a Pakistani.
I do not wish to see my country split into pieces.
May your tribe increase.

I've made this point in several discussions, and in the wake of the Syed Jamaluddin book/campaign, I'd say it again. An internally reconciled Pakistan, one that is at peace and rest within, offers the best hope for lasting peace with India, and is therefore in India's interests.

It is also true, unfortunately, that such reconciliation is impossible in your current setup. It is also true, unfortunately, that change is not in the offing. So I hope you are right about the coming elections, but I fear that you are wrong.