Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shaukat Aziz the Scapegoat?

The PML(N) lota and perennial political loudmouth was back on TV today.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, the Federal Minister for Railways, made an appearance on Geo TV this evening claiming that his government had ‘shot itself in the foot’ by keeping the Chief Justice of Pakistan in custody. He openly lamented the fact that the Chief Justice's children were being prevented from attending school.But he then defended the General by blaming the current state of events on incorrect advice given to Musharraf by Shaukat Aziz.

It is possible that Musharraf has himself enlisted Sheeda Tulli’s help to extricate him from the present debacle, or then again it may be a case of Tulli trying to regain his lost status by demonstrating to Musharraf that he is much better at damage control in comparison with his asinine successor to the post of Minister for Propaganda, Mohammad Ali Durrani.

Whatever the case maybe, Rashid has blown apart the government’s persistent contention that the Chief Justice is not under house arrest.

The idea of making Shaukat Aziz the scapegoat for the disaster may just appeal to Musharraf. It would not be the first time that he has tried to pass the buck for his own failures. After his self created Kargill disaster, it should be recalled that Musharraf attempted to heap all the blame for the fiasco onto the dippy prime minister of the day, Nawaz Sharif.


Anonymous said...

Its about time that Shortcut Disease got his butt kicked. Hope he leaves disgrcefully

Anonymous said...

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