Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back in a while

Dear Readers,

Your Blogger, having to earn his livelihood, has to depart for foreign shores for a couple of weeks.

Not being on the spot in Pakistan, it will be hard for me to write with any degree of sincerity - so I’ll be giving the Blog a miss for a while.

In the meantime I wish to thank all my regular readers, and there are many of you or so my Statcounter figures tell me.

Confession time: My favourite readers happen to be those who leave their comments behind.


There is no monetary recompense for most bloggers, the only pleasure we get is from being able to provide people with an alternate view – right, wrong, stupid or whatever that may be.

Feedback, criticism and comments of any kind then become an indirect sign of acknowledgment to the blogger for the time he/she spent researching and hammering at the keyboard.

In other words, yes, it stokes our miserable little egos!

Until my return, I wish you all well and pray that God bless our impoverished and misgoverned country.



Anonymous said...

Dear Onlloker: You will be sorely missed specially in these turbulent times when anything could happen. Thank you for creating a forum where intelligent and independent opinions - albeit sometimes radically different are aired. These are all the building blocks upon which a real civil society can function. Safe travels and a sppedy return! MAHI

Anonymous said...

Hello Onlooker
Been reading ur blog for about a week now. Gotta say only blog which is covering the political crisis with some detail.
Columns by ayaz mir and and another guy on the web (forgot his name) articles on ohmy news also wrote a good article on the lahore rally .
U will be out for a lot of time . The karachi rally sounds like an explosion in the making. Who Knows whats gonna happen ? May Allah Save us . Ameen

AAS said...

See you when you get back ONLOOKER. :)

vivek said...

I've been reading your blog pretty regularly for the past few months, and it's been an invaluable resource in my attempt to follow what's been happening in the Musharraf-Chaudhry stand-off. Thank you.

I just wrote up a summary piece for the blog I write for, and I wonder if you'd be kind enough to take a look and tell me if there are any glaring mistakes:

Again, thank you for the updates and the analysis!

Syed said...

'In the line of fire' !!!!!!

Sikandar said...

I just started reading your blog today (starting from the past) and was looking forward to your interpretation of what happened on May 12. Actually I think we could all use someone who's able to put things into perspective and make some sense out of things, and you've done a pretty good job so far. Keep it up.

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