Monday, March 27, 2006

Some Glasshouse News for March 2006

According to Asma Jehangir (Chairperson HRCP) during her recent visit to Dera Bugti she was told by the local DCO Abdus Samad Lasi that ‘whatever happens in the future, it will be made certain that Nawab Akbar Bugti and Balach Marri are killed’

Brave words from a lowly provincial pen pusher.

According to a reader (see his posted comments on my blog: Poor Shazia Khalid vs. A Sleazoid )

Abdus Samad Lasi was inducted into Balochistan’s civil service on the basis of sifarish , bypassing the normal channels of recruitment which require a public advertising of jobs, followed by competitive examinations held by the Balochistan Public Service Commission. Not surprisingly therefore, while most of Lasi’s batch mates in the civil service got promoted to the next grade (BS-18), the duffer failed in his departmental examinations. So, his grade stayed where it was. Today, despite being one of the junior most officers, he has been specially selected to be the District Coordination Officer in Dera Bugti District. In addition to this post, he also holds the offices of DAO (law enforcement) and EDO (Revenue).

Obviously this idiot has been handpicked by Islamabad to follow its instructions dutifully without question. After his wierd remarks on the rape victim Shazia Khalid I referred to him as a sleazoid. I find no good reason to take my words back.


News from the UAE suggests that the local authorities have detained Hairbeyar Marri, the son of one of Musharraf’s loathed troika of Baloch sardars - Khair Buksh Marri.

According to my sources it appears that the Pakistan Embassy had previously confiscated Marri’s passport when he had sent it in for renewal. Subsequently the Embassy told the local authorities that Hairbeyar Marri, as he lacked legal travel documents, was an illegal alien and therefore ought to be detained. So under pressure from Pakistan the UAE authorities have decided to detain him.

No one is quite sure what the next move will be.


It seems Wasi Zafar is back in the news again for another bout off public misbehaviour (for his previous acts of delinquency see my blog: Thugs R Us ).

According to news reports he occupied a seat on a PIA flight which had been allocated to another passenger. When a young passenger brandishing his boarding card politely asked him to vacate the seat, the Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Human Rights not only broke loose with the foulest words possible in the Punjabi language but threatened to rearrange the lad’s face.

The shell-shocked young man had to be comforted by a helpless member of the cabin crew who found him an alternate seat.

Just in case anyone is wondering why Wasi Zafar chronically gets away with this kind of criminal behaviour, I may have the answer. According to a reliable source I have been informed that this ill-mannered thug happens to be a brother of a Corps Commander.


A visiting contact of mine was recently honoured by Musharraf who hosted him to a private dinner at his residence. When asked about Balochistan the General reassured his guest that he would lift Balochistan out of Stone Age and develop it to everyone’s benefit.

The question remains: To whose actual benefit, General sahib?

According to reliable reports there are about 500 plus young and educated Baloch who have travelled from as far as Karachi, Makran and Gwadar to fight in the Marri-Bugti hills. These people are said to be convinced that they are facing political and economic subjugation and are determined to resist it with their lives.

I wonder who is right- the general or these young men?


Anonymous said...

In a sneak preview of the future awaiting Balochistan's hapless people in Musharafs' promised land, the members of ruling PML(Q) in Balochistan Assembly voted for a Karachi-based billionaire named Zarait Khan in the Senate elections. In the end the, the gentelman billionaire could not make it to the hallowed halls of our Senate but he did manage to get 3 first preference and 16 second preference votes from Balochistan.

While no action was taken against the MPAs who supported our billionaire Senator-to-be from Karachi, the Balochistan Chief Minister promptly suspended some brave MPAs from his party who, responding belatedly to the call of their concsciences, voted for the nominees of Baloch Nationalist parties.

Khirad ka naam junoon rakh diya hai, junoon ka khirad
Jo chahay aap ka husn-e-karishma saaz kare

Gedroshian said...

Hey Onlooker,

i guess this might be a good time for you to drop the Balochistan issue. Like Najam Sethi did. Why be on a losing side? He has given the verdict today that Balochistan problem is almost solved. 30,000 jobs were exactly what we needed, and honourable shorcut aziz just gave those to us (alright, we have to wait for two years for those).

So, it's all good.

Onlooker said...


Do you seriously reckon the people of Balochistan are going to get 30,000 jobs? I think not.

If Musharraf promised the country that he would remove his uniform and then went back on it, could you believe anything he or his 'dipsticks' say?

If it wasn't for the current turmoil in Balochistan 'Dipstick' Aziz would not have uttered a single word.

The problem for Mushy is that the Baloch being quite secular are no Al-Qaeda/Taliban and the Pak Army has been using weapons given by the US for use against Al-Qaeda/Taliban against them.

The US is not particularly pleased by Mush opening up another front in Pakistan and your Blogger suspects that Mush has been given some sort of a message. So he has a short time span to deal with the Baloch insurgents, despite his public sermonizings.

As for Sethi and his sidekick Khaled Ahmed - well what can you say? If Sethi is offered Kasuri's job or something equally nifty, he will probably switch sides in a jiffy.

Onlooker likes to think he sticks with higher principles. So don't expect him to change his views all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...


Aren't u being a little unfair to Sethi and co.?

Onlooker said...

Well it may sound unfair to Sethi but truth be told in the 1990s he was all ready to jump ship when he was dangled the UK High Commissioner's job by BB.

Sadly, at the last moment Hamid Chatta convinced BB that Sethi was not a man to be trusted and so he continued on with his TFT.

Sethi also joined the caretaker government set up under Farooq Leghari - in some people's books it was an odd thing for an independent journalist to do.

Many people - including Onlooker - believe that Sethi's weakness is 'importance and fame' (not boring old money). Hence the - fair or unfair - reference to 'Kasuri's job'.

Anyhow I'm sure that while Sethi would make a much better FM than Kasuri, he could never be as well attired in those three-piece lush jobs.

Gedroshian said...

By the way, my sources tell me that it is Gazzain, not Hairbeyaar. Held at Abu Dhabi.

Gedroshian said...

The latest twist in Gazzain's story;

Marri’s son facing money laundering charges in Dubai

Pak has an extradition treaty with UAE???

Gedroshian said...

The 2nd April NYT Article with some amazing pictures.

Anonymous said...



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