Sunday, February 19, 2006

Poor Shazia Khalid vs. A Sleazoid

A Baloch reader (Gedroshian) based in Muscat has informed your Blogger that the authorities have announced that Dr Shazia Khalid, the poor lady who got raped in the Army-guarded compound at Sui early last year, had been subjected to the brutal sexual assault by the local Bugti tribesmen and not by anyone else.

After some brief Googling I came across the following report from
Geo TV

Bugti tribesmen were involved in Dr. Shazia case: DCO
DERA BUGTI: Bugti tribesmen were allegedly involved in Dr. Shazia Khalid case, told DCO Dera Bugti, Abdus Samad Lasi here.Talking to Geo news, the DCO told that according to local reports, Bugti tribesmen allegedly involved in Dr. Shazia Khalid case were still absconding. He further told that among these absconders included a junior clerk, Saeed Suri of DCO office and several others. He said that the doctors of PPL and Captain Hammad were wrongly implicated in this case.
Interestingly enough Asma Jehangir, the much-admired Chairperson of the Human Right Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), who met with Shazia Khalid just prior to her hurried departure for UK, had this to say in this month’s Newsline magazine (February 2006 issue, p.43):

I met [Dr. Shazia Khalid] for an hour-and-a-half in Karachi but since I met her as her lawyer I cannot reveal much about that meeting. I can only repeat what she said in front of Mr. Iqbal Haider and Anis Haroon that ‘my mother prays for Mr. Bugti everyday’.
So do we believe what Shazia Khalid has to say or some hand-picked regime flunkey?

In view of the above facts, please don’t blame me for suggesting that DCO Dera Bugti Abdus Samad Lasi is nothing more than an agency-controlled sleazoid.

(For more details on the Shazia Khalid tragedy please see my earlier
Blog )


The Mobs and Musharraf

Television audiences in Pakistan, thanks to the plethora of local channels have, over the past few days, been subjected to sight of rampaging mobs venting their rage at Musharraf.

According to a Pathan viewer the Pushto language Khyber channel showed angry marchers yelling ‘Musharraf is a kuta’. It appears that in the brief TV clip the demonstrators managed to call Musharraf ‘a dog’ fifteen times over.

I cannot help but wonder what this sort of public display is going to do to Musharraf’s reputation in the Awam's eye? No much good I expect.


Anonymous said...

It may interest readers of the blog to know the credentials of DCO Dera Bugti who is a less than competent officer of Provincial Civil Service. He was recruited on Sifarish by bypassing the regular channels of recruitment in Provincial Govt which require open advertisement of govt jobs and competitive examination by Balochistan Public Service Commission. While most of his fellow officers have been promoted to the next grade, he has failed to get promotion to BS-18 because he cannot pass the departmental examination required for promotion. Despite being one of the junior most officers posted as DCO in Balochistan, he is also holding the additional offices of DAO (law enforcement) and EDO (Revenue). The reason for this is that his predecessors as DCO and EDO(Rev) were God-fearing officers who could not go far enough in pleasing the powers that be. Anyone reading his statements and proclamations should take them with a pinch of salt.

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