Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Most Undiplomatic Scene

The above picture appeared in today’s Dawn with the following subtitle:
ISLAMABAD - February 7, 2006: Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri talks to his Cuban counterpart Felipe Perez Roque here on Tuesday.

Well, to your Blogger, with all the finger pointing and wagging going on, it looks to be a most ‘undiplomatic’ scene.

Here is my version of the imaginary conversation that might have gone on.

Kasuri to the Cubans:
I smoke bigger, better and more expensive cigars than Castro, your Communist Dictator.

Cuban FM to Kasuri: Hang on a moment - did you say 'Dictator
'? You mean Señor Castro, the Great Liberator and our people’s beloved Hero - you imbecile!

Cuban FM’s Aide to KasuriYou’re just a rich capitalist schmuck and anyway your wimpy dictator only smokes puny little cigarettes.

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Syed said...

Jinhain shakhon pay hona chahiye
kursee pay baithay hain.
What a 'three piece'?