Sunday, February 05, 2006

'Aalim' the Lecher?

The latest Friday Times, in its Such Gup column, makes an amusing report headed Zalim Online on the incident already highlighted in my blog The Fraud Wins Again!

As it adds an interesting new wrinkle, it is worth retelling:

The followers of [Altaf Hussain] decreed that they would not stand for any, repeat any, tinted glass windows on vehicles in Karachi. They made the decree public via their usual authoritarian determination to stop cars with opaque windows...This carried on for a good few weeks until the [MQM] zealots happened to stop one of their own. Drawing the protesting driver to the curb, it dawned on the zealots that they had in fact apprehended their very own Zalim Online who was driving about Karachi with tinted windows and a very young woman cowering in the back seat…Needless to say, the campaign was dropped forthwith.
How is Aamir Liaquat Hussain going to explain away this kind of behaviour to his thousands of devout and devoted fans?

Fraudulent degrees, tinted windows and now consorting with young girls – I wonder what next for our ‘Religious’ superhero?


Faraz Mir said...

Aamir Liaquat is just another phony politician with very selfish motives and a weekly personal advertisement on TV for which he gets paid!

Zainub said...

I can't stand the man, hypocrisy written all over him.