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Bush & Mush

This is your Blogger’s reaction to the newspaper headline 'Bush stays supportive of embattled Musharraf'

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Anonymous said...


Double standards
SIR – You described General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's president, as “an enlightened sort of dictator” and….America's friend.This sort of reasoning has been used before to support thuggish regimes. General Augusto Pinochet was backed by the West on the grounds that he was saving Chile from communism and fostering economic growth. The results of shoring up that regime in terms of human-rights abuses are well known. The West cannot claim to be in favour of promoting democracy and freedom and then turn a blind eye to allies that subvert these goals. In order to have the moral high ground one must apply principles regardless of how convenient (or inconvenient) the outcome might be. You can simply chose realpolitik and abandon the pretence of morality, but you can hardly have it both ways without being a hypocrite.
Esteban Assadourian, Dallas

Anonymous said...

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

Anonymous said...

Dear Onlooker: This is not directly related to your post but thought you may want to see this from on Musharraf and Altaf....ghastly.
By Dr. Waqar Kazmi

Pakistan’s military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, spoke on the telephone with the London-based leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) two days before the May 12 attacks on opposition activists and supporters of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry by the MQM in Karachi and asked Altaf Hussain to help “teach our opponents a lesson,” Pakistani intelligence sources have revealed.

Musharraf’s collusion with the MQM supremo in the cold-blooded murder of at least 42 people, most of them non-Muhajirs, exacerbated resentment against Musharraf within Pakistan’s security establishment, which feels the general should not have resorted to using the ethnic card to thwart the wave of popular protests that has paralyzed Musharraf’s regime for almost three months. Musharraf, like Altaf Hussain, is a Muhajir though as an officer of the Pakistan army he is expected to think as a Pakistani and not in ethnic terms

Officials within Pakistan’s security establishment informed this writer that British Intelligence might be in possession of a tape recording of the Musharraf-Altaf conversation, which could undermine both controversial figures. In the conversation, Musharraf and Altaf Hussain come across as ruthless manipulators with little regard for the life of Karachi’s citizens or for ethnic harmony among Pakistanis.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God Bush is close to the end of his political road and he can soon take his idiot side-kick along with him....And, maybe if the Muslim world is truly lucky Hosni Mubarak and a few others can also join them in Crawford, Texas. ZJAN

AAS said...

I do feel there is a small chance for real democracy but will we let it slip by?

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of FDR's SOBs, there is an excellent essay by Charles Krauthamnmer in TIME magazine of September 23 2002 titled Dictators and Double Standards.

Later in the october 21 issues of TIME magazine there was a letter which I am repeating below:

As a Pakistani, I was saddened to see our President depicted as one of the "lesser evils" in Krauthammer's essay.
But I am confident that Musharraf got a kick out of it, was even secretly gleeful to be grouped with such malevolent giants as Stalin, the Shah of Iran and Marcos. With all due respect to Franklin Roosevelt and his quip that Nicaragua's Samoza was "a son of bitch. But he is our son ofa bitch", it is the mother who nurtures the infant and show shim how to walk and talk. So if the enfante terrible behaves inappropriately, please understand that s.o.b's across the globe are walking the walk and talking the talk.

Earlier in June 2003 the author of the letter to TIME magazine had sent to General Pervez Musharraf this book on Nixon " Arrogance of Power" by Anthony Summers ( Nixon besides Ataturk, Bhutto and Napolean were PM's heroes). Interestingly enough PM was grateful, appreciative of the gift and even advised his cabinet then to read this book.

I wonder what happened to the tolerance then and intolerance now.


Anonymous said...

Pakistanis are free to begin a freedom movement against the US and I am sure Indians will extend them moral and diplomatic support.

Anonymous said...

Just replying to the comment that Charles Krauthammer once justified Musharraf's dictatorship as one of the "lesser evils".

Krauthammer (columnist of the Washington Post) is a well known neocon and once the leading media architect of the 'War on Terror'.

Anything this fellow writes has to be taken with a bucket of salt, then flushed down the lavatory.

Anonymous said...

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