Monday, June 11, 2007

Foolishly Torn in Two

By changing the lyrics of an old song we may get an accurate depiction of Benazir Bhutto these days – Torn between two ‘decisions’, looking like a fool…

The problem with her is that she is prepared to go to any length to get rid of the Swiss and Spanish money laundering cases against her, for good.

At one stage Benazir had gone as far as accepting Musharraf’s uniform and re-election by the existing assemblies. Now with Pakistan on the boil she has upped her terms, but she is still seriously considering negotiating with the General.

While undeniably a skilful political operator, she is not overly endowed with political analytical skills. That is why she is keen to toe the line of the Bush Administration (which fears that a chaotic overthrow of Musharraf will give the militants the upper hand.) For some reason the lady is convinced that she can only become a prime minister again courtesy of the US.

While she might have read some Shakespeare at school, it is time Benazir re-read Julius Caesar, especially where the great Bard says:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

By not listening to the voice of the people of Pakistan she is well on her way to missing the tide.

Benazir in a fix over 'deal' with Musharraf
Malaysia Sun
Monday 11th June, 2007

Lahore, June 11 : Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto seems to be in a fix whether to strike a deal with President Pervez Musharraf to come back to power or to ally with the opposition parties against the present government.

According to a PPP source Benazir is eager to legitimise Musharraf's rule for the next five years. In return, she wants withdrawal of cases pending against her and holding of free and fair elections, which would ultimately bring the PPP to power.

However, this has reportedly met with strong opposition within her party.

"The ongoing judicial crisis, and the fear of being isolated from rest of the opposition on this issue, are other factors restraining her from negotiating any deal with Musharraf", The Nation quoted the source, as saying.

"On one hand, she seems eager to accept Musharraf as President, while on the other, she is under immense pressure from within the party for maintaining contacts with General Musharraf, which may tarnish PPP's image of a true democratic party", the source said.

"After all, what's the difference between the MMA and the PPP, with the former legitimising Musharraf's first term as President in uniform and the latter gearing up to give legitimacy to his second term, preferably without uniform", is the question being asked by her party leaders.

In her recent interviews, Benazir has been vocal about a negotiated settlement with General Musharraf.

She believes such a rapprochement is vital for a smooth transition to democracy in the country, and to block the way for religious extremists from assuming power.

However, many in the PPP believe that the ongoing judicial crisis and strong opposition from within the party has compelled Benazir to stay away from taking any major decision in the near future.


Insecure as she is about her grip over the PPP, Benazir must now be sharpening her claws for poor old Aitzaz Ahsan. Suddenly he is being considered by many Pakistanis to be Prime Minister material, even the USA Today seems to think so.


Syed said...

I think she is under the illusion that people of Pakistan are in the same state of mind as she left them.
I guess people have learnt a bit over these years. Coming elections, if went people's way will prove it.

Anonymous said...

ISLAMABAD (NNI) – National Accountability Bureau has withdrawn corruption scam of 150 million dollar against former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, former FIA Director General Rehman Malik and S. Jaffari.
NAB in its application stated that the Company, which was used in the corruption scandal of 150 million dollars by Benazir Bhutto, Rehman Malik and S. Jaffari, was registered at Dubai Airport as Petro Line. Benazir Bhutto was the Managing director of that Company whereas Rehman Malik and S. Jaffari were holding the position of Directors.
NAB said Benazir Bhutto was not the prime minister of Pakistan when the Company was alleged of its involvement in the scam. [Therefore] Pakistan had no link with the money accumulated through corruption and saved in foreign banks… as the money laundering was done outside the territory of Pakistan.
It may be mentioned here that former NAB Deputy Chairman Hasan Wasim Afzal and his team spent millions of dollars in this case. He and his team made numerous foreign tours to collect the proof.
Political circles said that withdrawal of case from the Swiss Court against Benazir Bhutto would pave way for her imminent deal with President Musharraf.
The back door channel, which is working to strike a deal between Benazir Bhutto and President Musharraf, provides guarantee to both sides to compromise on “give and take” formula. After the withdrawal of case, People’s Party will elect President Musharraf. (The Nation)

AAS said...

I still think its a mistake on the part of those who support BB to want her back.

When will fools learn there leasson...when they are sucked dry again?

Anonymous said...

When will we grow up??? this is a time for reconciliation and to move forward for the sake of a country that has for too long been under one form or another of military rule.

Not the same old, same old refrain from our arm-chair analysts about Ms Bhutto...

And yes this is a chance for the people of Pakistan to show what they want and if it is Ms. Bhutto or Qazi Sahib deal with it!

If you think Aitzaz Ahsan is a better choice that shows how truly ignorant you are about him and how politics and governanace actually works. ZJAN

Anonymous said...

I hope you're all happy now. Because you're finally done with this discussion once and for all.

New discussions will open up, no doubt. But this is the end of Benazir 's rule. RIP.


A Respectfully Shocked Nation.

Anonymous said...



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