Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Dose of Reality Finally Creeps In

The other day an acquaintance of mine found himself bound on a PIA Islamabad flight alongside three PML (Q) Federal Ministers. Two of them happened to be his schoolmates and a friendly conversation ensued. Neither of the two ministers was reticent about discussing Musharraf’s future. His days were over as far they were concerned. The third minister, who was following the affable banter, simply nodded in agreement.

Things have reached a pretty pass when Musharraf stalwarts openly announce the end is nigh for their boss.

It’s no wonder, therefore, to discover that the General is now publicly blasting members of his puppet party for their lack of support. Addressing a parliamentary party meeting of the PML(Q) on Wednesday, he took them to task with some of the following grumblings:

The Pakistan Muslim League leadership and the lawmakers…” [are] always leaving him in the lurch” and said the country would be in deep trouble if his set-up got changed.

"I bluntly say that you always leave me alone in the time of trial and tribulation. Whether it was a change in the Afghan policy, Dr AQ Khan and Bugti issues, the judicial crisis or the May 12 incident, you never came to my support,"

Musharraf deplored that out of, what he termed, 1,000 provincial/federal ministers, parliamentary secretaries and chairmen standing committees, he could not see even 10 of them speaking in his defence. "I see the party nowhere. You people are not mobilized," he declared.

"You are not delivering. You have lost the war of nerves. You all are silent upon what the media is doing. If I have to do everything, then what is your purpose?"

Interestingly for the first time Musharraf admitted that all was not well by confessing: "I feel disturbed for the first time".

Those present at the meeting remarked that he looked ‘visibly shaken’.


Reuters have carried this story under the heading 'Pakistan's Musharraf urges party support in crisis' and it has already been covered by US and UK newspapers.


AAS said...

Let us hope Musharraf really goes....but i shudder at the thought of Pakistan diving into an unknown breach.

MB said...

I think its too late for Musharraf to try to act innocent.

He has done the damage now & he will pay the price.

On other note i smell an another drama behind the stage by THE ARMY. Its the first time that the president is criticizing his own "we-will-support-you-even-if-we-have-to-sell-our-dignity" gang. The GHQ is the hug of evil designs for 60 years. I can see a new script being written behind the scenes.

I will explain that on my blog in few days.

Anonymous said...

Well, Allah, America and now BB are with the Musharraf

BB not to attend MPC:

Bush defends Pakistan 'democracy'

Bush actually compared Pakistan with America' slavery era. Given this comparison, we r doing really well, right?

I don't know how he is going. Unless a really en-raged Core commander wastes a C-130, there is no way, as far as I think.

Anonymous said...

Choices are simple:

Going with disgrace


Going with grace

As for 1st I dont need to say much. Both the history of Pakistan and dictators globally is rife with sad examples.

As for 2nd and wiser option he needs to JUST DO IT and create real history for the 1st time in Pakistan.

PS: I wonder what will happen to all the rats on Pervez Musharraf's ship and how many will take the 1st flight back home to US


Syed said...

"Choices are simple:

Going with disgrace


Going with grace"

Has he got any?

Anonymous said...

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