Sunday, August 12, 2007

UK & US: Musharraf "an Accident-Prone Incompetent"

Today's Sunday Times (UK) has this to say:

...Britain and the United States warned Musharraf they would abandon him if he does not give way to an elected prime minister.

The warning was made by Condoleezza Rice, the American secretary of state, and senior western diplomats in a flurry of overnight phone calls last week that forced Musharraf to ditch plans to impose a state of emergency. Rice’s intervention was made at 2am on Thursday morning, just hours before the emergency was due to be announced, and reflected growing American and European frustration with Musharraf’s rule, despite his role as a crucial ally in the war on terror.

Britain and America believe the emergency plan was aimed at postponing parliamentary elections and allowing Musharraf to continue as both army chief and president without a legal challenge. They feared it would jeopardise their efforts to speed the return of Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, another exiled former prime minister.

The general quickly abandoned his plan, and his government later released a statement confirming his commitment to elections, but the damage had been done. Senior diplomats said Britain and America now regard Musharraf as an accident-prone incompetent who created the crisis engulfing him.


By the by, for the past few years your Blogger has repeatedly maintained that Musharraf was an arrogant, egotistical incompetent. Happily, I no longer find myself preaching in the wilderness.


Asad said...

not longer the wilderness, but in fact to the choir.

Anonymous said...

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