Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hunger Ad banned by Bush & Co.

Apparently this is one of three hard-hitting MTV ads recently banned by the US government.

For the other two pics visit

Picture courtesy Koolstuff.net (posted on Bloggers.Pakistan)


Anonymous said...

do u have any link to verify this Ad was banned by USA govt?

USA has different ways of state propaganda and censorship, but banning Ads is only done in Pak type countries

Onlooker said...

Firstly you might have noted I used the word 'Apparently' at the beginning of this blog.

These photos have been doing the internet rounds for some months now. So I visited the 'urban legends' sites to see if we have been fooled.

Neither Snopes.com nor urbanlegends.about.com mention or debunk this story.

Perhaps these ads weren't banned in the US but instead MTV was politely told that they were in 'poor taste' bearing in mind the background view of the burning World Trade Towers.

Undoubtedly censorship and banning are common in Pakistan and other dictatorships but there are modes of persuasion available in Western countries which are perhaps more discrete.

Anonymous said...

In the US there are pressure groups who push the major advertisers to inform the TV services that their advertisements will find other outlets if they are not happy with the material broadcast by them.

Anonymous said...

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