Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Top Secret Election Plan for Mush Supporters


I borrowed this pic from Zakintosh who is encouraging everyone to "Become a Sales Agent and earn points." He insists that the earned points are "Redeemable for everything, from Government posts to Umra trips."

My message to Zakintosh:
Forget Govt. posts, Umra trips, etc. I am a keen supporter of all successful coup "plotters". So just tell me how many plots I will get and where? And how soon?


DrPak said...

Hahahaha.... good stuff.

Seriously, I really wonder how Prez Musharraf is going to stick to power for another term, with everything breathing down his neck about free and fair elections. I wonder what rabbit he'll pull out of his hat this time.

Onlooker said...

As Mush is unelectable he has only 2 options that I can currently envisage:

1. Get the current set of mostly ISI-elected bounders in the PML (Chumcha Group)to re-elect him as 'President'.

But the problem with this option is that this current National Assembly (which has been 'elected' for a 5-year term) has already elected him as 'President'. How can they make him 'President' for a double term (i.e. giving him 10-years )when their own term is restricted to 5 years.

2. Use the ISI once again (as was the case in 2002)to pre-rig the elections and ensure his chumchas get elected yet again.

Obviously both these options will heap derision and ridicule upon him but kursi-obsessed and desperate as he is, he may be past caring about such 'trivialities'.

DrPak said...

Its frustrating because he's a good man and a good leader in my opinion. Despite his flaws, he's done a lot of good for Pakistan. I don't like how democracy is being swept aside by his antics, and am frustrated that there really isn't a viable political alternative to Musharraf. If he steps down, and Benazir or Nawaz get elected again, we'll slowly start going back to the dark ages again. Those two were not just perversely corrupt, but incompetent to boot.

Then again, perhaps if full democratic norms are restored, someone will eventually emerge who can take the country forward, even if we have a bad government or two along the way. As long as the economy continues to do well, we can afford to experiment with democracy.

Anonymous said...

There is a third option which can solve general's uniform problem. Make salwar - khameez Army's official uniform. That way he can shed his now army clothes and medals and don civilian clothes. I am sure that should be enough to fool the gulliable masses.

Anonymous said...

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