Sunday, July 16, 2006

What Exactly is Going On?

News reports and a conversation or two with journalists reveal that in the past two or so days virtually anyone with the surname Bugti in the main urban centres who can read or write (and thereby having the potential to contradict the official viewpoint) has been picked by ‘anonymous’ officials.

That is the heavy-handed approach that Mush and his boys have chosen to adopt.

Once these guys go into action they have a propensity to let slip their true intentions by inadvertent acts of usual incompetence.

How did they do this?

Well by blockading the Press for instance.
Online News reports: “Quetta Press club has also been besieged” by security forces.



Hassan Abbas said...

Excellent blog and brave postings!

Hassan Abbas

Gedroshian said...

On the other hand, anyone with a Bugti surname has a good chance to be in-the money.

The ongoing rate for surrender is Rs. 1,000. The weapons to-be-surrendered will be provided, on the spot.

Many Bugtis have already surrendered a few times.

Asad said...

So what do you suggest, these guys should be let off fighting and separate another Bangladesh. And what if all the bigger papers are not reporting the thing and one called 'Online News' reports.