Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Legal Bells Begin To Toll

To the amazement of many, fifteen Sindh High Court Judges voluntarily turned up at Hyderabad last Sunday and listened to an address given by Mr Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan had been invited to the meeting by the Hyderabad Chapter of the High Court Bar Association and the Hyderabad District Bar Association.

And to top it all, The Daily Times reported today that

The Sindh High Court has issued an order to the entire legal fraternity that a full-day strike be observed on April 18 to protest the president’s reference against the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary.

What next I wonder?


The Pakistani Spectator said...

I wonder too, with a deep touch of apprehension

libertarian said...

onlooker: seems this legal-community spark is destined to be extinguished. Looking for your take on the unholy Bibi + Mushy alliance.

zjan said...

This spark is what has kept Pakistan alive so far. Over and over again - inspite of the worst rulers that money could buy....I hope that you are wrong about the so-called deal - unless an alliance of the two unholy beings helps bring some stability and prosperity - the social kind - to Pakistan.

AAS said...

It will be a disaster if Bhutto is allowed back. And again i am cautious about the lawyers. Lets not declare them heroes. How many of them were really helping people? Where were they when Mush first came on to the scene? Or when were they all the other times Pakistan has been taken over by men in khakis or slippery, snake like politicians?

When will Pakistanis realize that they need to take back their country from all the corrupt and elite centers that control this poor nation and for Christ sake not settle for the lesser of two evil?

I almost feel we deserve what we get because we are a huge part of the problem.