Monday, October 22, 2007

PML(Q): Crowds are Dangerous

Following last Friday’s deadly bomb attack the regime has announced plans to ban public rallies.

Some commentators are already alleging that that ban is in large part due to PML(Q)’s chronic inability to draw crowds out in its support. With elections supposedly around the corner this deficit, they maintain, would have become even more glaringly obvious.

On the other hand the 1973 Constitution guarantees the right of free assembly. So are we going to see yet another case proceeding to the Supreme Court?

(The above cartoon was published today in Dawn )


Haris said...

and once again the SC will bow down to government's pressure.

Ali Afzal said...

of course it will. Listen, for the 1st time one judged our CJ by his actions and not by his expressions!! Never again!

Anonymous said...

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Rohan David said...

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