Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Unusual Praise for Musharraf

These days it is rare to find anyone – with the exception of PTV and Ardeshir Cowasjee – praising Musharraf. However, there appears to be a new exception.

Jack Rosen, the Chairman of the American Jewish Congress-Council for World Jewry, had this to say in an Op-Ed titled In praise of Pakistani Pervez Musharraf published in yesterday's Jerusalem Post

As one who has developed a fairly close relationship with him over the past few years in my capacity as chairman of the Council for World Jewry of the American Jewish Congress, including hosting Musharraf's meeting with American Jews in New York in 2005 and visiting him in Islamabad several times, I have been dismayed by what I think is a lack of understanding of the very real dangers that would face Pakistan and the world if he were to be removed.

Intriguingly Jack Rosen not only refers to his 'fairly close relationship' with Musharraf but also mentions the fact of having visited him in Islamabad on several occasions.

Strangely these meetings were never shown to us on PTV…

The above picture has been borrowed from Saira Wasim’s collection of politically-charged miniatures which can be viewed on her website.


Raheel said...

Still Musharraf is Best out of the worst I guess. We had seen some good light under his leadership which is democratic to some extent. Pure democracy is difficult case in Pakistan. In future, this type of leadership will then make way for real democracy. This is my take on the whole thing.

AAS said...

I don't agree with Raheel at all...yes Mush made some honest attempts in the beginning but now they have fallen to the way side.

And the last thing Pakistan now needs is to be in bed with Jewish/Zionist lobby....don't we have enough problems?

Qasir Khan said...

I personally feel none of current politicans can make any difference.

Richard said...

The Jewish Forward notes that Rosen carried water on behalf of the Bush Administration to Pakistan to visit Musharraf lately. I don't think Jack went to encourage Pakistani democracy, that's for sure.

Here's the post I wrote:

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