Friday, April 22, 2005

Message from a Blogger from Balochistan

A fellow blogger - Blogging Balochistan ( - recently had this to say:

"A comment on paki politics

What is next for Musharraf??

Check the similarities between him, and Zia ul haq.
• Both are Army Generals.
• Both were made COAS after superseding other deserving Generals.
• Both imprisoned the persons who made them COAS.
• Both had their own muslim Leagues.
• Both had sham referendums.
• Both became darling of the west because of 'Afghanistan'.
• Both thought they were there because God wanted them there.
• Both hobnobbed with religious parties.
• Both usurped power, citing reasons: ‘bad politicians’ and ‘national security’.
• Both totally disrespected the constitution.
• Both did the cricket diplomacy thing.

Mr. Musharraf, please do not accept a gift of mango crates in your airplane".