Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Some Random Thoughts

According to today's Dawn there was an interesting exchange in the Supreme Court between Chief Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiqui and A.K. Dogar of the Pakistan Lawyers Forum. Dogar told the judge that Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz recently confessed in private that he did not have the authority to transfer even a deputy secretary.
A powerless PM? Does that really come as a surprise to any one?
Can one can conclude from this that:
- Shaukat Aziz is wasting the public's time
- Shaukat Aziz is wasting his own time
- And that perhaps civilian governments in Pakistan are a waste of everyone's time. Just let the Generals do what they want and forget about the whole thing.


Mughal Emperors and other badshahs (including Ranjit Singh) used to, on occasion, bestow a khillat (robe of honour) on one of their subjects as a mark of personal approval. Yesterday General Musharraf followed this noble tradition by awarding our cricket team captain Inzamam-ul-Haq Rs. 1 million.
The one-day victory over the Indian team was in a large part due to Inzamam's strength of character and his sporting performance on the day. But as the gentlemanly Inzamam has been repeatedly insisting, the foundation for the victory had earlier been solidified by his top order batsmen - Afridi, Butt, Malik and Razzak.
Sadly these individuals got nothing. (Sorry guys, you cannot take offence at royal whims. You can only question a badshah at your own peril!).

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