Tuesday, April 19, 2005

On a Lighter 'Kasuri' Note

What’s with Kasuri?

As the second richest (declared that is) member of the National Assembly and co-owner of that vast chain of educational money spinners, the Rupee Billionaire Khursheed Kasuri can afford to dress in utmost sartorial splendour.

Instead what we seem to have is a Foreign Minister with a three-piece-suit fixation

Perhaps it hasn’t dawned on him that no major power celebrity in the world - from Bush and Blair to Berlusconi and Putin - bothers with three-piece suits anymore. It’s only discernable advantage is that the additional vest provides added warmth in cold weather.

Watching the Sunday one-day game on TV I thought my eyes may have been deceiving me but that wasn’t the case. Sitting behind the Indian PM and our ‘Commando’ General were Kasuri and Natwar Singh. And lo and behold in the 100° degree Delhi heat there was old Kasuri looking pleased as punch in yet another one of his incredible three-piece woollen suits.

Three decades ago a Lahori wit writing to the Pakistan Times commented “We Punjabis only feel superior when we are dressed in three-piece suits”. Perhaps, all those years ago, an obsessive Kasuri took this message to heart and never once bothered to look back.

Praise be to God that he doesn't wear a bowler!

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Anonymous said...

What a pseudo intellectual article. We have a politician who is well dressed and likes to be well dressed, I am sorry his three piece suits don't please your aesthetic sensibilities.