Friday, April 29, 2005

Tales from a Mango Republic

Just some stories from today’s Press:

  • In Mandi Bahauddin Shahbaz Masih, a young Christian was beaten to near death because he refused to convert to Islam. (An example of Mush’s ‘moderate enlightenment’? Some would argue that these zealots ‘moderated’ by not killing the poor boy. I’d say, a pox on all of them)
  • A stubborn stalemate has arisen because the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court refuse to accept each others nominees for 10 vacant seats in the Sindh High Court - perhaps they should file contempt proceedings against each other…
  • A suspected incompetent Tariq Kirmani replaces a confirmed incompetent (Ahmed Saeed) as Chairman PIA
  • NAB initiates yet another probe against Imtiaz Shaikh - they must either love him or his money dearly!
  • Heavy firing again near Dera Bugti (thanks to the PFUJ report I now believe Akbar Bugti when he says the Frontier Constabulary people are lying. They are probably following Fuhrer George W.Bush’s philosophy of repeated denials mixed with hefty doses of pre-emptive aggression)

* For info on the PFUJ report see today's 'Mush's Muzzled Press'

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