Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mush and his Merry Men

I knew we had superfluity in Islamabad but reading the latest figures dumfounded even an old political cynic like your blogger.

An Arab Daily informs:
There’s just no stopping the cabinet juggernaut in Pakistan.

The number of un-elected advisers to the prime minister and those given the status of federal ministers but who have not taken the oath of cabinet has risen to 17 during the last one year, reports said Wednesday.

If this number is added to the list of those formally inducted into the cabinet, federal ministers, ministers of state and those formally given the status of federal ministers take the total to 76.

All they need is to add on an extra five star chaprasi to the list and voila we have the equivalent of seven cricket teams - of course, all ensconced in their fatuously important flag flying cars.


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Shahzada Sher Saddozai said...

Heres right Biz ...kee track of catostrophes and note regime ...
did akistani cotton get attacked in Ayub Khans Regime ?ans yes name of attacker..DAPp
Bhutto's Regime ? ans., Yes! Chit Kamari Sundi thats model name for western bureau trained leaders ?
Gen Zia Ul Haques Regime years .. Mili Bug ? did he lie list too much in name of Millit [ brotherhood of Islam]

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