Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sonia Naz: I was Raped on Police Officer's Orders

How many of us recall the woman who trespassed into the National Assembly earlier this year?

She was Sonia Naz, a 23-year-old mother of two, whose husband, Asim Yousaf, had been missing “in police custody” since October 2004. She had decided to make
a desperate attempt to meet the prime minister and plead for help.

For her offence she was incarcerated in Rawalpindi’s Adiala jail on the orders of the National Assembly Speaker. She was kept in jail for four days despite
investigations by intelligence agencies and the police confirmed that she had acted in complete ignorance. After the police confiscated her car and Rs.10,000 cash that she was carrying, Sonia Naz was released on bail.

The newspaper
Dawn reported that on 6 May the High Court at Lahore, hearing Sonia Naz’s habeus corpus application for her missing husband, was told by the petitioner’s counsel that:

Ms Naz had been missing since May 1 when she last visited his office in
connection with the petition. He informed the court that a relative of Ms Naz
called him by telephone on May 2 that she had not returned home. He quoted her relative as saying that she had gone to a newspaper office for an interview and then went missing.
Advocate Tahir submitted that she might have been arrested by police for pursuing her husband’s case in court.
Subsequently Tahir confirmed to the Press that Sonia had been abducted by the Faisalabad police.

Then on 30th August in a news breaking story
Rauf Klasra, a correspondent for ‘The News’ reported that Sonia Naz had informed him that when she returned home, after her release from jail , she was kidnapped by the police who held her illegally for 15 days. This is what she told Rauf Klasra:

The horror begins: Recounting the day of the horror, Sonia said: "One day, when I was going to my tailor, I was picked up from Lahore by some people at gunpoint, who handcuffed and blindfolded me. After shoving me in a car and driving it for four hours, I was taken to a village house and warned if I ever tried to raise a voice, I would be simply gunned down

The abductors, she recalled, continued to tell her that she should not think of taking on [Faisalabad’s Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Khalid Abdullah] in the media as she did in the past by approaching the parliament and meeting media persons.

"Finally, a night before my release, SP Abdullah personally came there with SHO Jamshed Chishti. The SP told me I had been maligning him all over Pakistan by first approaching the parliament and then giving interviews in the media and now he would teach me a lesson I would remember for rest of her life".

The SP, she said, chided her for doing this as he mocked that he had already released her husband.
"Then, turning furious, the SP directed the SHO to undress me and he started raping me. When I
tried to resist, both of them thrashed me, causing many injuries to my face.
"After I was raped, SP Abdullah stepped forward and urinated in my mouth, challenging me to go and do whatever I could," said Sonia, sobbing bitterly.

The same morning Sonia was again put in a car and dropped near her house. She was warned to stay silent lest the worst followed.

After her ordeal she returned home only to be thrown out by her scared father-in-law, Malik Yousaf. Yousaf tearfully told the Press:

"SP Abdullah has ruined me and all members of my family. I am helpless. You tell me what should I do? Should I not look to the future of my two young daughters or (should I) allow Sonia to live in my house? Tell me what to do?" he said.

"I am 68 and handicapped. I am travelling on trains to different cities all the time as the SP has made it difficult for me to live in Faisalabad. I was a threadmill owner, enjoying family life. But, today, I have been made to beg on railway stations to survive as our factory, too, has been overtaken by those who have the backing of the SP," Yousaf revealed.

When asked what he thought was Sonia’s fault and why was she kicked out of the house, Yousaf replied: "I had told this girl not to challenge the might of SP Abdullah. We even gave Rs1.4million to the SP. But, DIG Faisalabad also wanted Rs1 million to release my son. I was left with nothing to pay to the police after selling my shops to secure the release of my only son," Yousaf said.

"This stupid girl (Sonia) wanted to move courts, media and the National Assembly to seek justice against Abdullah. She used to make tall claims that she would fight against the injustice of the SP. Now, she has been given justice by police," Yousaf said, sarcastically, before breaking down again.

It appears that the Faisalabad police have registered several criminal cases against Sonia, her mother, brother and father-in-law Malik Yousaf.

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Talat-An-Economic-Refugee said...

The Ordeal of Sonia Naz
The people of Pakistan have been brutalized for half a century by the Pakistani Establshment. This brutalization is just as dehumanizing as the one experienced during the British Colonial era or during the preceding Muslim, Hindu and other eras. The current victimization of the Pakistani populace is multi-structured with a local official level (who initiated Sonia's ordeal), an Establishment level (whom Sonia tried approaching by her effort to confront Parliament) and a Neo-Colonialist-MultiNational Business Alliance level (who are completely insensitive to victims like Sonia). Sonia Naz joins the ranks of the brutalized men and women of Pakistan, the Mukhtaaraan Mais, the Shazia Khalids, the Saima Ropris, whose cries echo unheard in our cultural space. These cries reverbrate in the poems of Fehmida Riaz ("Kiya Tum Pooraa Chaand Naa Dekho Gay ?," Maktaba Daniyal Karachi) and in the efforts of human rights activists like Asma Jahangir, Hina Jilani and Ansar Barni, and in the media reports of Geo TV, The News, Dawn and Herald. These suppressed voices will demand sacrifices from ALL of us before redemption arrives in Pakistan. But especially, the tears of these victims beseech the young, foreign educated generation belonging to the Families/Dynasties of the powerful who rule Pakistan through the Feudal-Military-Bureaucratic power axis in Pakistan to rebel and try and reform the system in whatever way they can.

posted by Talat-An-Economic-Refugee at 8:44 AM

Anonymous said...

I am simply stunned! This case refreshed the horrible memmories I left behind in pakistan and were forgotten in so-called infidelistic america where such cases are simply unimagineable;
so much for islamic country !
Iam just waiting when God will wake up from His deep slumber annd send His wrath to this religiously unreligious unislamic country called pakistan.
i was thinking of going back to my roots and raise my daughter . My daughter is alot safer here in infidel america where woman or anyone for that matter dont need to sneak into national assembly to seek justice ! justice is only three digits away 911! . wanna lear more abt infididelistic america? mail me

Teeth Maestro said...

Horrifying - and I give credit to Sonia for still standing up. I hope jsutice can be served

T. Abbas said...

Sonia is a courageous woman and I salute her. She should be a role model for any woman who have been raped and molested and cannot come out in open to tell their story for the fear of becoming a reject in Pakistan's (and even Indian) society. In North America, a woman do not need a witness to report an incident of sexual assault even if it was a passing remark against her looks. We need similar laws in Pakistan.

I am ready to sponsor Sonia and help her move to this land of infidels and kafirs in North America. One thing I can assure her is that, her honor, dignity and pride will be sacredly protected and one will not have to go far to get justice.

Anonymous said...

Sonia is honourable lady I must encourage her for her bravery.
Inshallaah Allah will help her.
and for reader i will say please raise your voice and help her as much as we can.

as far as corrupt police is concerned i m so much disturbed by this police that there should be a fatwa of jehad against these stupids cruels police officers. they should be hanged on roads and
I pray for these cruel officers to Allah destroy them and show them his anger in this world n in hell too.
Sonia may Allah tala give u patience it is an azmaish for you n one day or another u will be rewarded if u stay calm on Allah will.
people raise your voice and destroy all these corrupt and cruel officers.

Baghee25 said...

a saulute to ms sonia naz. she is a brave lady.

and mean corrupt cruel police officer dont u know there is powerful officer looking to u He the lords of lords Almighty Allah cant u escape from him.
ppl plz raise ur voice against this cruel police and do whatever u can for ms sonia ..
sister i m with u all my prays for u and ready to help u for anything even my life for justice and for noble cause

Anonymous said...

Sallam o allaikum!
Government and Police authorities fools the poor lady

First of all i pray to Allah that help our nation in this moment and also show us the right path.
Secondly I want your attention about Sonia naz case that we have found a good joke that
SP abdullah and SHO jamshed chishti still not arrested but instead they were talking in fine mood with new DIG who want to re investigate I think he wants to find if there is any weak point in sonia case.

I wanto to ask why governament of pakistan is delaying this case why they are finding the paths to rescue SP and SHO.
Is this a muslim society. where people like SPs and SHOs take bribe,rap the women and after they escape from law and they are entertained by the other officers.
Shame on such kind of officers. Oh Allah show them your power and tell them that you are watching them. Show them your anger.
Sonia case shows that all judiciouries, police stations are only to defend the SPs and SHOs like SP Abdullah and inspector chishti so they can do whatever they want take bribe first and than rap innocent women.
instead of giving them punishment they are not even being arrested.
Our Quran and hadith shows that such kind of people should be stoned to death.
I want to ask IG and all other concerned authorities that 67 witness are not adequate to prove Sonia is true and ur cops are one of the cruels of society.
Dear sir this case shows there is no place for innocent people in our system only corrupt and cruel SPs and SHOs can survive here.
Oh people Please fear Allah one day everyone will be asked for his deeds.
For God sake help the poor sonia and hang these cruel stupid SP and SHO in the middle of subway to give lesson to other as well.
But how come Authorities can take this step because they belong to same category and do the same cruels deeds that are done by their collegues.
I must pray to ALLAH that show them what is your justice.
oh Great Allah lord of the lords make them a lesson on earth.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If this is really an islamic state then the SP along with his merry men should face the consequences. an eye for an eye, unless this severe penalty is dished out other will continue to do the same.l challenge all in power they will never deny if Sonia Naz was their mother,daughter or sister they very well know what they would demand. l ask those Begairatt politicians to think Sonia Naz is their Sister/Daughter. do something at least decent once in your worthless lives

Poo Poo Head said...

I feel like crying and helpless. Thanks for sharing by the way.

Fahad said...

Where were all the religious Political Parties, specially Qazi Hussain Ahmed (that declare countrywide strikes if a bill is not passed in their favor (which never will be); when this innocent girl was killed and left only to breath; when the life was taken out of her body and she was left in mysery for eternity. Khuda k vastay, Musalmano..Allah K Azaab Say Daro, Tumhari Rooh Nahi Kanpti Aisay Fail Karnay Se Pehlay! Ab Koi Peghamber nahi aayengai Hidayet k liye! Musharraf, you and your followers/supporters will certainly be at the extreme level of HELL!
Meri Dua: Ya Allah, ya to is qom ko hidayat de, ya is mulk ka khatma karday, itni takleef, itna dard, itni behurmati nahi day is mulk ki aurat ko! AA-MEEN

Anonymous said...

My sincere prayers are with you Sister Sonia... and MAY ALLAH'S biggest curse on those bastard-gays who destroyed your peaceful life along with your family. The government and law department would not most likely help you, but I have hope for you from the human activitist like the one you contacted... Asma Jahangir... May Allah bless you with victory and punish those assholes- jo apni maa behan ke hote houe,,, kisi aur ki maa behan ke saath aise karte houe KHUDA ke nahi darte. I know, its real hard to get justice quick there but I will always pray for you,,, aur hum logon ki bad-duain un logon ke saath hain jo aisa karte hain, Allah unhain har waqt takleef main rakhee, aur un ko apne gunnah aur aik aurat ke saath ziyadti karne ka ahsas ho, aur ussi ehsas main wo marein, un ko aap ki takleef se kahin gunna ziyada badsukooni mile, aur kuch aisa ko ke aisi harkatein phir na hon, aise mardoon ko saabaq mile.

I was all in tears when I saw recently a video wo a 14-years-old-girl-raped-and-kidnapped-by-lahore-policemen-for-6-months on youtube she been torturched alot... after 2months she escaped and came to her parents, they arrared her wedding with her cousin, so police might wont come after her; but the police came onwedding day and took her with 'em, put her on the same place, she is finally escaped again from there and now she is at her parents home, her parents are very poor and helpless. I felt so sorry that I can't like do anything for 'em. Her name is Shahzia naz.



Anonymous said...



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