Saturday, September 03, 2005

Pakistan, Israel and the Guju Chaudhry

The man who, along with his cousin, has successfully created a malevolent police state in Punjab ‘displayed’ some commonsense for once (no doubt after being prodded vigorously by his Khaki masters).

Today Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain uttered the following:
It's very strange that marriage with Jews is a right but talking to them is wrong (source: BBC).

So why is Musharraf pursuing a rapprochement with Israel?

Simple, Bush has asked him to and he has to keep his US mentor happy and more importantly he has to protect the longer term interests of his real constituency – his generals.

The Pakistan Army has a basic ideology of being ‘fully equipped’ against its historical nemesis India, despite the unbearable cost borne by the people of Pakistan in terms of poverty, joblessness and illiteracy. In pursuit of its ideology it has to keep its major arms supplier – the US - happy and secondly it has to protect its nuclear assets.

Also, Israel, which has great influence on US foreign policy, is not only a strong proponent against an ‘Islamic bomb’ – having in 1981 destroyed Iraq’s nuclear potential by an air raid on its facilities and being a keen partner with the US to prevent Iran from progressing further – but its increasing bonhomie with India has been a major cause for concern among our Khakis.

If you wear a khaki uniform then a rapprochement with Israel makes abundant sense all of a sudden.

But it become laughable when the likes of
Musharraf announce that with its ‘growing stature’ Pakistan can help resolve the Middle East issue’.

When after six years of complete power Musharraf has not been able resolve relatively simpler issues such as Pakistan’s endemic corruption, the absence of basic law and order, abject poverty, and alarming illiteracy, does he really believe he has the ability to resolve a complex issue such the Middle East stalemate? Logically if he sorts out our chronic Kashmiri dilemma, only then can he hope to move to another international issue.


Your blogger can’t understand why we have never recognised Israel. Historically hatred of a country has never stopped any country from recognising it diplomatically. One needs a channel to speak to one’s friends as well as one’s perceived enemies.

Instead we have buried our head in the sand for too long by refusing to accept the reality that Israel has been in existence nearly as long as Pakistan has. A bit of maturity in our international outlook would help us in escaping from our preoccupation with self-created delusions.

The Palestinians and its leader, Yasser Arafat, were always closer to India than to Pakistan and they never really bothered about the Muslims in Kashmir. Why did they do so? The answer is plain and simple: Palestinian self-interest. India was perceived by them as being a much more influential country.

While I completely empathize with the predicament of the downtrodden Palestinians, I believe we must place the interest of Pakistan first and foremost, because if we don’t no one else will.

By the way like many people on the planet I can’t stand that murderous specimen of the human race, Ariel Sharon.

But then merciless people like Saddam Hussain, Kim Jong-Il, Alexander Lukashenko, George W. Bush and Shujaat Hussain’s thugs in uniform give me the nasties as well.

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