Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Your Local Crime Boss - The Police Officer

Your blogger was talking to a senior police official recently – an honest and upright one for a change. The official told me a rather hair-raising story:

A High Court judge found one his new police guards - they are rotated from time to time – vaguely familiar. A few days later it dawned upon him where he had seen him. It had been in one of his court rooms a few years earlier where the judge had sentenced the man for a lengthy period in jail for dacoity (armed robbery). Shocked with this realisation the judge had his police guard changed almost instantaneously.

In explaining the story he said that over the years, politicians in Sindh and Punjab had purposely recruited thousands of criminals into the police force. These politicians needed men devoid of any moral compulsions – men who would do what ever was asked of them. With the passing of time some of these hardened criminals– with the help of their political mentors – have managed to reach the ranks of Superintendent and Deputy-Superintendent of Police.

Interestingly enough most of these criminals were tossed out of service by the Army after Musharraf’s takeover in October 1999. But, according to the senior police official, even our glorious Army soon realised how useful these men were. And so after a short period of time most, if not all, these felons were back in police uniform once again.

When questioned about the now notorious Superintendent Khalid Abdullah Waraich, the man allegedly behind Sonia Naz’s rape, your blogger was told that Waraich had indulged in various criminal activities, including the famous ‘Dollar case’ (of which your blogger has little knowledge – maybe a reader could help him?). And every time it was thought he was ‘in for it’, he would be saved by some powerful individual.

So now you know – that is if you didn’t already know – how criminal the Pakistan police force actually is.

And if on some lucky day our police are actually forced to arrest criminals, then most of them will not only have to handcuff themselves but also place themselves behind bars.

Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen – do you?


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Anonymous said...

You are very right. Police is the real criminal boss of the area. An exemple to quite, I am sure u cannot refer, is of Hallaku Khan , a natorious police officer in Punjab. Who mad hell of money and earned this title of Hallaku Khan, it self is the honour of Punjab Police. This retired DIG Crimes, Punjab police has been a politicians since before his retirement few years back. His three nephews, all of them are nominal educated are keeping all three imortant positions in district, such as MNA, MPA and district Nazim. And all resources of district level are in their control.