Monday, September 26, 2005

A Sonia Naz Update - 26th September

The reports of the two inquiries into Sonia Naz’s allegations have been submitted. Your blogger now provides a brief summary:

The Judicial Inquiry

  • Sessions Judge Abdul Waheed Khan headed this inquiry on the instructions of Chief Minister Pervez Elahi.
  • Sonia Naz refused to appear before the inquiry as she doubted its impartiality.
  • According to
news reports the inquiry continued for eight days and the judge recorded statements of 22 witnesses including policemen and Excise and Taxation Dept. officials from Faisalabad.
  • The judge then submitted his report to the Punjab government which then instituted a case of illegal confinement against Police Superintendent Khalid Abdullah.
  • Shortly afterwards Khalid Abdullah obtained pre-arrest bail from a court.
  • It’s worth mentioning that the charge of ‘illegal confinement’ registered against SP Khalid Abdullah is comparatively mild.

    Your blogger can quite confidently put forward that at any rural police station there would be at least two or three people illegally confined at any given time. That is the customary way in which the police extort money from the public. Consequently, ‘illegal confinement’ is a common charge against police officers and the punishment imposed is far from draconian.

    The Police Inquiry.

    • Punjab IGP appointed DIG Zafar Ahmed Quresh and SP Saad Akhtar Bharwana to investigate and produce a report on their findings.
    Reportedly the team examined 67 witnesses and was in constant touch with Sonia Naz whose charges and witnesses were very comprehensively and minutely examined by it.
  • In short the inquiry found SP Khalid Abdullah to be a complete and utter scumbag.
  • Ayaz Amir produced a good synopsis of the police inquiry report in last Sunday’s Dawn. In his piece he mentions the following salient details of the report's findings:

    • Khalid Abdullah and his policemen kept Sonia Naz’s husband (and others) in illegal custody with a view to extorting large amounts of money.
    • A large amount was paid to SP Khalid Abdullah.
    • There was enough circumstantial evidence “for registration of an FIR” on the charge of rape.
    • The state of affairs of senior police officers in Faisalabad was scandalous as charges and counter –charges of corruption, extortion and illegal ‘land grabbing cases’ were exchanged between Superintendent Abdullah and his superior officer, the DIG.

    Well there you have it.

    If you needed proof of the complete criminalisation of the police force you need not look further. Unfortunately Khalid Abdullah, vile though he may be, is only the tip of a diseased iceberg.

    Now we wait to see what happens next. The police inquiry report is with the Inspector General of Police of the Punjab, who will pass it on to his chief minister. Undoubtedly, Pervez Elahi - who is normally loathed to reprimand police officers because of his political dependency upon them - will be forced to act upon the report.

    The matter is in the public domain and commonsense would dictate that the government cannot afford another cover up. But then commonsense is a rare commodity in our governmental circles these days.

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    Baghee25 said...

    Sallam o allaikum!
    Goverament and Police authorities fools the poor lady

    First of all i pray to Allah that help our nation in this moment and also show us the right path.
    Secondly I want your attention about Sonia naz case that we have found a good joke that
    SP abdullah and SHO jamshed chishti still not arrested but instead they were talking in fine mood with new DIG who want to re investigate to find if there is some weakpoint in sonia case.

    I wanto to ask why governament of pakistan is delaying this case why they are finding the paths to rescue for SP and SHO.
    Is this a muslim society. where a raped woman cannot get justice.
    this means these all judiciouries, police stations are only to defend the people like SPs and SHOs like SP Abdullah and inspector chishti so they can do whatever they want take bribe first and than rap innocent women.
    instead of giving them punishment they are not even being arrested.
    Our Quran and hadith shows that such kind of people should be stoned to death.
    I want to ask IG and all other concerned authorities that 67 witness are not adequate to prove
    Sonia is true and ur cops are one of the cruels of society.
    Dear sir this case shows that justice is not for poor and deserving people even they dont have right to live in Pakistan.

    Please fear Allah one day everyone will be asked for his deeds.
    For God sake help the poor sonia and hang that cruel stupid SP and SHO in the middle of subway
    to give lesson to other as well.
    But how come you can take this step because you people are of same category os SPs and SHO.
    I must pray to ALLAH that show them your power and show them how u give justice.
    oh Great Allah lord of the lords make them a lesson on earth.